Sales Countdown Timer Marketing

Sales Countdown Timer and Urgency Marketing plugin

Sales Countdown Timer Marketing

Above all, Sales Countdown Timer Marketing plugin, allow create high converting Sales Campaigns using countdown timers with discounts, scarcity campaigns, inventory based countdown bars, urgency messages, flash banners, timed coupons.

Likewise, Target your customers based on their visit to product pages, categories, cart contents, totals and a number of other fine-grained conditions.

Most importantly,  create unlimited scheduled campaigns, time-bound coupons and discounts, pre-launch offers, early bird discounts.

In conclusion, All with one single plugin.

However, It just takes a five-minutes to create your first campaign and set it live. Double your conversions by adding urgency triggers.

Never let another customer leave without buying!

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Create 8 styles of High-Converting Sales Campaigns in seconds

A quantity of emotional triggers are doing in cycle in these campaigns. Anxiety of Missing Out, Scarcity, Social Proof, Greed, Mental Accounting and others.

Vips like Amazon, use these methods to increase conversions

  • Flash Sales for Limited Period
  • Use counters for increase the fear of missing out
  • Introduce a Scarcity
  • Sticky Headers and Footers
  • Program a recurring sale
  • Decrease cart abandonments with Smart Coupons
  • Social Proof
  • Discounts that convert
  • Flash Sales for Limited Period

A restricted time offer creates a emotional urge among the visitors to buy the products instantly. The anxiety of missing out the offer works as a stimulating factor and leads the customer to convert faster.

Build a flash sale campaign that ends after a period. And showcase a countdown timer clearly showing when the offer is going to end.

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